Turn your listeners
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Podcap converts your podcast episode show notes into an email newsletter that sends automatically with each new episode.

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Podcap is made for busy Podcasters

"For a long time I wanted to build a direct connection with fans through an email list, but didn't know where to start or how to make it look professional. Podcap made it easy and the fans really enjoy the interactions!"
George Kimmel
Producer, TigerBelly

Get the most out of your podcast

You put time and effort into creating your podcast. We make sure it gets the attention it deserves.


Podcap helps you craft perfect show notes for each episode

Paste in your RSS feed, and Podcap will turn your notes into a clean, concise, beautiful email.


Episode recaps delivered straight to your audience’s inbox

Plug your custom Podcap link into your show bio, episode notes, social pages, and start collecting listener emails.


Focus on what you do best. Let us do the heavy lifting

With zero added effort, you will now be able to communicate with your audience beyond audio. Share weekly links, articles, books, etc. you find interesting. Promote new projects that you’re working on. Share exclusive content that didn’t make the episode or that can’t be shared via audio. Expand your relationship with your community.

Why is an email list important?

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